Excel Everest

Your Employees Will Thank You

Excel is the most frequently used AND abused tool in the enterprise. Right now, you’ve got tens of employees making mistakes in Excel that are completely avoidable with proper training. Employees need Excel knowledge.

Get this and sit back while it does the job for you.” - Clive Shepherd, HR Tools Consultant
Employees who have barely touched Excel in their life became more comfortable using the tool, leading to increased productivity in their day jobs.” - Google HR learning administrator

Key Enterprise-Grade Features Ensure The Best Training Experience

Accountable and verifiable training

Excel Everest has a built-in scoreboard. Organizations can set corporate goals for exercise completion (e.g. 90% of Easy, 50% of Medium, and 10% of Hard) and Excel Everest can verify that employees have completed the tutorial at those levels.

Interactive learning that sticks

Most corporations lean on expensive classes or videos to teach their employees Excel. Neither involve the level of interactive needed to actually trigger learning. Employees who go through Excel Everest experience learning that sticks.

Easy administration

Excel Everest can be deployed and implemented in just one week. We set up an organizational code for your company, equip you with a marketing package for internal HRIS systems or platforms, and help you with a simple implementation guide.

Focused on what matters

Yes, there is a full office suite. But no, business-critical errors are NOT caused by mistakes in Powerpoint or Word. Excel Everest is deliberately designed to teach people the tool that matters the most: Excel. It’s about focus, accountability, and results.


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