Affordable Excel Training Courses

A typical Excel training class costs upwards of $300-500 dollars, and these usually touch just the basics. Those who’ve mastered Excel know that doing so leads to more efficiency, fewer errors, and more promotions. Excel Everest is the most affordable way to gain all the knowledge you need in Microsoft Excel.

Fun Excel Training Course Exercises

Whether it’s finding the man “smoking the pipe,” following the yellow brick road with keyboard shortcuts, or watching a dancing bear jump across the screen, Excel Everest is full of fun and surprises. This is the only online Microsoft Excel training course program that you’ll want to do.

41 Comprehensive Microsoft Excel Courses

The topics covered in Excel Everest’s Online Microsoft Training Courses  are deliberately designed to give you the practical skills you’ll use in your everyday Excel journey. Excel Everest covers 41, hand-selected topics based on real business, research, and academic needs and examples.

Easy, Medium, and Hard Excel Training Course Options

With Excel Everest, you’ll be tested on the content at various levels. Feeling like you just want the basics? Then complete only the Easy exercises. Want to expand your knowledge? Then shoot for Medium. Want to really stretch your abilities? Suffer through the Hard problems

Scored and tracked Excel Training Courses

One of the amazing aspects of Excel Everest is that it contains a scoreboard. As you go through the tutorial, Excel Everest automatically grades how you’re doing on the Easy, the Medium, and the Hard Excel Training exercises. You can use these to feel proud about your progress, impress your boss, or to set personal goals for yourself.

Based entirely inside Microsoft Excel

Our entire online Excel Training Course is written inside Excel itself. This allows an incredible amount of innovation. As you go through Excel Everest, you’ll learn by first reading about how to do something, and then immediately being able to give it a go yourself. Everyone knows that learning by doing is the best way to become proficient in a tool. Now you can do so with Excel.