A Treasure Trove. Literally.

Every now and then, our sojourns on the Internet seas lead us to places where not too many people have trodden before.

These virgin, unexplored islands are often that-a-ways for a reason; they’re poorly designed, perhaps, or maybe the content is not too useful. We just heave resigned sighs and set sail from them, in search of better lands.

Every now and then, though, we just luck out, plain and simple. And the link that we’re going to share with you today is one such internet treasure.

The unimaginatively titled “Site Map | Microsoft Office” – I mean, c’mon! – is actually a repository of link related to Microsoft Office products. And when I say repository, I mean every single link one could ever hope to keep in one’s bookmarks and when I say Microsoft Office products, I mean every single last one of ‘em.

Just insaney good stuff, this.

Just scroll down from the rather drab SmartArt-ish graphic at the top of the page…

… and immerse yourself in the Excel links section.

We’ve previously talked about Excel’s own help section, and it is pretty darn good. But if ever you need to forage through the big bad world wide web… well, this is as good a place as any to start.

Happy surfing!