How Excel Everest Works


If you're in Sales, Marketing, Finance, HR, or Product, you'll need Excel skills to further your career. We've reinvented Excel training with a course that brings you through 41+ business-critical topics and 160+ interactive, auto-graded exercises. Ready to go? Buy Now >>


The Journey To Excel Mastery


Most Excel trainings cost hundreds of dollars and are far from fun.  Learn more about the Excel Everest process to see how we've reinvented Excel learning. 

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Step 1 - Purchase and Download

Once you purchase Excel Everest, we'll register a copy to you and send you a link for downloading. The entire course takes place inside a big Excel file, so you'll be able to save your progress along the way. 

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Step 2 - Get Aquainted

Learning to use Excel Everest is simple. The home page has all of the topic areas, and inside the Excel course you'll find hundreds of embedded exercises, categorized as either Easy, Medium, or Hard.

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Step 3 - Learn by Doing

Excel Everest covers 41 topics identified to be business critical through hundreds of exercises. You'll learn by doing and practicing the skills right there in the course. We'll also help you identify common errors and pitfalls. Vlookup? No problem! Pivot Table? Easy! 

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Step 4 - Gain Efficiency

o truly master Excel, you'll need to learn to be fast. There's a set of critical little tricks you'll practice in Excel Everest, be it managing email lists, getting rid of duplicates, using top keyboard shortcuts, and navigating around cells with ease. 

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Step 5 - Track Your Progress

As you progress through Excel Everest, you'll see your progress real time in our scoreboard. You'll be able to follow how you're doing against each topic area. In addition, you'll get badges at certain thresholds of completion. 

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What You'll Learn


Our team has deep experience in business analytics, and we've narrowed down 41 critical topic areas that'll leave you with 95% of what you'll need to know to be successful with Excel in your company. You'll also be better equipped to learn that extra 5%. 


The Essential Excel Basics

Cells and their properties 

  • Number types
  • Move and autofill cells
  • Absolute vs. relative references

The power of paste special 

  • Paste options
  • The transpose function 

Basic to advanced formatting 

  • Colors and borders
  • Text formatting
  • Formatting tables
  • Conditional formatting

Sorting and auto-filters

  • Sorting
  • Auto-filters

Text to columns and find and replace

  • Text to columns
  • Find and replace
  • Combining both functions 

Manipulating rows and columns

  • Adding, moving, and deleting
  • Hiding and resizing 
  • Grouping 

The drawing toolbar

  • Grouping, ordering, and seleting tables
  • Shapes, pictures, and object properties

Playing with formulas


  • Vlookup basics
  • Mistakes and errors

If Statement

  • IF statement basics
  • Key use cases

Basic math formulas

  • Sum, Count, and Average
  • Percentile, Percent Rank
  • Rand and RandBetween

Text formulas 

  • Quotes and ampersands
  • Right, left, and trim

Statistical formulas

  • Average, median, and mode
  • Min and max 
  • Correl and Stdev

Exploring data

Pivot tables

  • Pivot basics
  • Key use cases 
  • Interpreting data with Pivots


  • Building charts
  • Formatting charts  
  • Data visualization  

Tips and Tricks

Email lists, Tabs and F5

  • Making an email list
  • Working with tabs
  • The F5 key 

Getting rid of duplicates

  • Identifying duplicates
  • Eliminating duplicates

The joy of keyboard shortcuts 

  • Tab/Enter and navigation
  • Paste special 
  • Ctrl-Y and F4

Basic Macros

  • Simple macros
  • How to approach complex macros

Printing from Excel 

  • Printing basics 
  • Avoiding frustrations 
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