What’s inside Excel Everest? Tutorial Contents Part 14

Continuing on with our “What’s inside Excel Everest?” series, which showcases the introductory, “Why is this important?” paragraphs found within Excel Everest.

…why is it important to learn?…

IF statement (logic formulas)

The IF statement in Excel is a “logic” formula. Logic formulas in Excel let you choose to do something (perform a calculation, do a vlookup, input text, etc) based off criteria you specify. You might use the IF statement, for instance, if you want to sum a range of cells but exclude any negative numbers. The IF statement is THE essential logic formula. It’s extremely flexible and can be used for many purposes, even including conditional formatting. You can put IF statements into other IF statements (called a nested IF) in order to perform multiple functions based on multiple criteria.  Lastly, you can use multiple criteria to choose whether or not to perform an operation by using the AND and OR functions within an IF statement.