What’s inside Excel Everest? Tutorial Contents Part 5

Continuing on with our “What’s inside Excel Everest?”, which showcases the introductory, “why is this important?” paragraphs found within Excel Everest.

…why is it important of Learning Microsoft Excel?..

The power of paste special

You’ve no doubt used copy and paste for countless computer tasks. You should never be using the mouse to do your copy, cut, or pasting. The keyboard shortcuts “Ctrl-X” (cut), “Ctrl-C” (copy), and “Ctrl-V” (paste) are absolute essentials and will save you time. If you don’t have those memorized, do so immediately! You won’t regret it.

That being said, copy and paste is all well and good, but Excel has something even more powerful. It’s called paste special. It allows you to paste different bits and pieces from the original cells that you copied. You can paste the formatting (the way the cells look), the values (the end result of the formulas in the cells), or even things like the column width of the cells. Another essential feature of paste special is transposition, which takes a column and puts it into rows (or vice versa).