A Treasure Trove of Excel Links

If you are on the lookout for a central depository of all links Excel, there are more than a couple of ways to go about it.

You could trawl the web diligently yourself, adding one valuable link to your bookmarks at a time, slowly building up a body of Excel knowledge that serves your needs. Or you could follow a dozen Excel gurus via their blogs.

Or (and we’d recommend this method above all) you could simply use this link.

The Excel Magician, and it is a very deserved sobriquet,  has collated seventy five (fully seventy five!) different resources about Excel in one place.

Conveniently broken into different sections, this link segregates different resources by the type of service they offer.

  1. Online tutorials and videos: There are ten different links in this section, about “how-to” links that are either compeltely generic in nature, or deal with specific problems. The most under-utilized of the lot? The tenth link in the list: Microsoft Excel’s help documentation. It’s a go-to link for us here at Excel Everest quite often, and it hasn’t failed us once.
  2. Books: This section actually break out into three different sub-sections: General Excel books, Excel tips and case-studies, and specialized Excel books. There’s something for everyone here, right from the novice beginner, down to a veritable Excel Ninja. 
  3. Forums, News groups and Mailing lists: Filled with resources, this forum is the place to be if you want your problems solved in a jiffy. It’s almost like a magic box, an efficient forum. Post a novel problem that is interesting enough and hasn’t been solved yet, and you will have (in next to no time) excel experts of all hues pitching in with their two penny worth. You’ll probably want to bookmark all of the forums that have been listed here, but our favorite must be the Mr. Excel Message Board. Pure gold.
  4. Excel Experts: Jon Peltier heads this list, and deservedly so. But he’d be the first to agree, he is in august company.
  5. Excel Blogs and Tip Sites: A good place to register if you are looking for a daily tip that will help you reduce the drudgery in Excel. Nice resources all of them, although this might not be the place to go to for specific problem resolution.
  6. Excel Templates: This section helps you udnerstand how to build various kinds of templates within Excel. Right from business needs to planning a week of fancy dinners, this section has got it all. 
  7. Excel Tools: Add-ins that are worth their weight in gold, particularly a utility that we spoke about a while back ourselves, ASAP Utilities
  8. Additional Excel Resources: A section that talks about stuff that wouldn’t necessarily fit in elsewhere. Includes funny videos and talks about Excel as a gaming platform.

There’s a notable exclusion from this list, comprehensive though it is otherwise. The ever-excellent Chandoo does not find a mention on the post, so allow us to remedy that remarkable lacunae – if you haven’t visited Chandoo’s site yet, do so now!